NASCAR 2022 Insert

|drive| studio set forth in 2022 to re-invent Fox Sports’ NASCAR insert system. The main objective was to create a system with a distinct character that united with the sport’s passion, energy & color. In addition, we designed the look of the system to complement our “Graphic Novel” inspired on-air rebrand which aimed to emote the individual character of the NASCAR drivers.

NFL Network Insert System

In 2015 NFL Network approached |drive| to update their entire network’s insert system. Working closely with the client and building on the NFL brand, the result is a slim and sleek system that expresses the tough and bold nature of the NFL and lets the information move to the forefront.

Fox Sports Insert & Scoring System

In August of 2013 FOX SPORTS launched it’s new 24 hour network, FOX SPORTS 1 with it’s flagship show FS LIVE. For this historic launch, |drive| defined the look & feel of the new network with a bright & bold approach that separated FOX SPORTS from the competition. Not only did we design the show logo & […]

NBC Sports Insert Scoring System (Article Link)

NBC Sports  called on |drive| to design and direct the update to their comprehensive info graphics system. The challenge was to not only reduce the weight & “noise” of the previous system, but it also was paramount to design a system that could expand for the largest of productions & contract to a smaller scale events.