FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 on FOX Sports

With FIFA’s epic expansion to 32 teams in the 2023 Women’s World Cup, |drive| set out to embrace and reflect the international scope & scale of the largest stage for Women’s Soccer. Our concept pays tribute to a mix of the host countries’ rich environment, history, & culture. This is all achieved, of course, with special attention to capturing the big and bold attitude of Fox Sports and the sense of pride the network brings to their LIVE events.

NASCAR 2022 Insert

|drive| studio set forth in 2022 to re-invent Fox Sports’ NASCAR insert system. The main objective was to create a system with a distinct character that united with the sport’s passion, energy & color. In addition, we designed the look of the system to complement our “Graphic Novel” inspired on-air rebrand which aimed to emote the individual character of the NASCAR drivers.

NFL Network Insert System

In 2015 NFL Network approached |drive| to update their entire network’s insert system. Working closely with the client and building on the NFL brand, the result is a slim and sleek system that expresses the tough and bold nature of the NFL and lets the information move to the forefront.

Fox Sports Insert & Scoring System

In August of 2013 FOX SPORTS launched it’s new 24 hour network, FOX SPORTS 1 with it’s flagship show FS LIVE. For this historic launch, |drive| defined the look & feel of the new network with a bright & bold approach that separated FOX SPORTS from the competition. Not only did we design the show logo & […]