FIFA World Cup 2022 on FOX Sports On-Air Package

The single biggest tournament for the single biggest sport on the planet gave |drive| the platform to design & direct the on-air brand for the 2022 World Cup on Fox Sports. This total & unified brand presentation was derived from the opulent & visually distinct visual character of the Qatari culture. It all began with the design of the broadcast center. This unparalleled approach framed up the iconic vista of the Doha skyline, immersed the crowds at the Corniche, & featured the field/demo space called the “PentaCenter”. Complementing & completing the on-air system was the design of a culturally immersive logo system, a typography system, the insert system, AR & VR design, promo graphics, & the on-air motion graphic system.

Amazon Prime TNF 2022 (Package & AR)

|drive| studio teamed up with the world’s biggest commerce company, Amazon, to present the inaugural season of Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime Video. Looking to plant a flag and present the NFL in a whole new way, our team expanded notable forms of the TNF Shield and the Amazon Arrow and combined them with iconic, clean branded elements to create a confident, cutting-edge approach for broadcasting America’s #1 sport.

F1 2022 Open

Bally Sports: MLB 2022

Formula One Insert System 2022

|drive| studio took on the challenge of revamping Formula One’s iconic insert system in 2022. Our goal was to deliver a fan-centric experience that elevated the F1 brand to the forefront. The “Pulse” system ultimately creates a more compelling, driver-focused narrative that keeps the F1 fan totally immersed on race day.

Bally Sports: NBA 2021

Bally Sports: NHL 2021

|drive| studio’s presentation of the NHL on Bally Sports features a conceptual platform that is based on LIVE kinetic energy & hockey’s hard hitting impact with a thread of style that reflects the gaming heritage of Ballys. This environment serves as a metaphor for home team activation and the grassroots coverage that focusses on a team forward POV with the Bally brand calling out and illuminating its powerhouse lineup of NHL action.

CBS Sports HQ | On-Air Rebrand


|drive| studio re-branded America’s #1 Racing Sport with the launch of NASCAR on Fox Sports. Our team broke out from the ordinary, devising a conceptual platform that brought NASCAR’s race culture to the forefront with a graphic novel approach . The boldness of this style, reminiscent of 70s Speed Racer episodes, aligns with the ambitious & illustrative driver treatment that Fox Sports previously introduced as part of their on-air graphic system.