FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 on FOX Sports

With FIFA’s epic expansion to 32 teams in the 2023 Women’s World Cup, |drive| set out to embrace and reflect the international scope & scale of the largest stage for Women’s Soccer. Our concept pays tribute to a mix of the host countries’ rich environment, history, & culture. This is all achieved, of course, with special attention to capturing the big and bold attitude of Fox Sports and the sense of pride the network brings to their LIVE events.

Amazon Prime TNF 2022 (Set)

|drive| studio worked together with Amazon to design a set that would accompany their rigorous multi city schedule. With the goal of creating a distinctly Amazon structure that utilizes their echo and colors, we brought forth an innovative structure that invites fans into the TNF broadcast being streamed to viewers everywhere.

NFL Network Super Bowl 53 AR

Fox Sports 2018 Men’s World Cup Set

Fox Sports 2018 FIFA World Cup Set Design |drive| studio is very pleased to introduce the Moscow Studio design for Fox Sports! Our talented team at |drive| (In collaboration with JHD Group) directed the expansion of our on-air package into the overall concept, decor, detail, and experience of the studio environment. We also designed a […]

KNBC Los Angeles 2016 Monitor System

  KNBC called on |drive| to design, produce, & technically direct an integrated and day-parted graphics system. Our solution was customized to not only work in conjunction with KNBC’s current on-air identity, but it also expands from their package and allows flexibility throughout the news day. Design Augmented Reality Concepts